Happy Easter Messages 2015, Easter Text Messages Wishes | Happy Easter 2015

Happy Easter Messages 2015, Easter Text Messages Wishes

Happy Easter Messages - Easter Wishes Messages

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Easter, the day of glory which reminds the resurrection of Christ is also a day of refreshing relations.  It is a good opportunity to talk to someone you haven't contact for long, or with some relatives or friends who are away. Similarly it is a good reason to begin a relationship with somebody you really wish to.  Yah, that is what I mean.  Even after the appearance of Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp, SMS / Messages has a unique position of its own, it will simply appear in His/Her phone and that has a psychological influence on their mind.  Trust me, if you get a greeting from somebody special, both in SMS / Message and in any social networking site it will be the SMS that remains better. So, what do you need next? Awesome sentences obviously!  And that is what I have prepared here, just scroll down. Tap most loved Happy easter wishes messages all the time here!
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Happy Easter Text Messages

1. Easter, the victory of truth, love & forgiveness. It is Easter every day, when we Love Truly and Forgive. Happy Easter dear

2. Easter is not the end of the holy week, but the beginning of it. Lets keep the warmth for coming 365 days. Happy Easter dear.

3. From the disgrace of Crucifixion to the glory of Resurrection. Wishing you the best in this Easter.

4. Pasha was a PROMISE, Crucifixion was a CHALLENGE, and Easter is the PROOF, for the love of God. Happy Easter dear.

5. Our Lord Jesus is ALIVE, It is the victory of light upon darkness.  Happy Easter dear.

6. You can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay there. Jesus Proved it. Happy Easter dear

7. Easter bring Cheer, Easter bring Happiness,
Easter bring Blessings,
Easter bring fresh love...
Happy Easter to You
with all best wishes

8. May this Easter  be a new beginning
of greater prosperity,
success and happiness.
Wish you a Happy Easter

9. Spirit of Easter is hope, just keep hope. God will surely help you. Happy Easter

10. "Christ is risen," now "we shall rise."  Trust in God, Happy Easter

11. Dear, it’s the best time to forget all that happened, Lets forgive each other. Happy Easter

12. Missing you for this Easter. May God bless you abundantly. Forward my wishes to your parents too.

13. Sweet heart, this is the first Easter we met. All I pray to the God is a simple life with you.  It will be beautiful if you are with me. Happy Easter Dear

14. Life is momentous but the life after life is Glorious, that is what Easter teaches. Lets live this life in peace and love. Happy Easter

15. When I was a kid, I thought that, Easter is all about Easter Bunny & eggs, but later on I came to know about the sacrifice of Jesus and his victory. Lets live like him, lets also follow him. Happy Easter

16. Easter wipe away the pain of cross. God is risen for he needs you. Happy Easter.

17. God is close to all those who call him. He is so close to you that he shall listen to all your needs. Happy Easter.

18. Missing our last year Easter. Wishing you all the best and prayers of Easter.

19. May the angels protect u
may the sadness forget u
may goodness surround u
& may God always bless u
Happy Easter.

20. O the Easter bells are gladly ringing,
Let the whole world join the happy lay,
Let the hills & vales break forth in singing,
Christ, the Lord of Life, is risen today. Happy Easter.

Well thanking you for reading and I think this messages would surely benefit you. It will help you in taking a good forward step in your relations. Remember many people need your prayer in this Easter days. God is merciful and is watching you with fatherly love. I personally wishing you all the very best and happy events in your life in this easter season. God bless you my friend. Happy Easter ...!!

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