Easter Recipes 2015, Easter Dishes | Happy Easter 2015

Easter Recipes 2015, Easter Dishes

Without special drinks (Cool and Hot) and food, Easter is incomplete.

The presence of deliciousness is a real decoration for Easter. Invite your friends, relatives, girl friend, boy friend or teachers, to home, and serving them some Easter dishes is going to be great. Being good in preparing dishes & drinks is a real honor, whether you are a girl or boy.
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Just imagine you inviting someone special, or your friends, to home these days. If you could prepare something in a simple way, but interesting like, you have never done before. It will be awesome. Me by adding these Easter Recipes, and You, just by preparing them, are becoming partners and we are going to make your friends Jaw dropped. Believe me, I am not bluffing my friend.

Go through these Easter Recipes and you will have a differently cool Easter, be happy.

Easter Ice Cream

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  1. Milk 1 ltr
  2. Vanilla Essence 6 drops
  3. Egg 1
  4. Egg’s white 2
  5. Sugar 3 cups
  6. Cream ¼ ltr
*Let the milk boil in low heat.

*Stir it continuously, still you feel it bit hard.

*Blend egg, sugar and cream separately, using a spoon till it becomes light yellow color.

*Add it to the milk now and keep stirring.

*Add vanilla essence and filter the entire solution.

*Again heat it in low intensity and when it becomes bit rigid.

*Take it out of flames, let it cool up to room temperature normally and pour it in serving cups or bowls.

*Move it to the Freezer.

*Add chocolate and nuts as you wish

Note that: Never over heat, use chilled

2. Water Apple wine

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  1. Water apple 1kg
  2. Sugar 1kg
  3. Cardamom 4 pieces
  4. Water 2 ltr
  5. East ½ teaspoon

*Cut the Water apple into 4 parts after clearing the seeds from it and drop it in a pot or Jar.
*Mix water, sugar, cardamom and east and seal the mouth of pot with cloth.
*Stir the solution well for first 10 days.
*Add more sugar if required more sweetness.
*After 25 days filter the wine very well and save it in a glass bottle.
*Now it is ready to use.
*Avoid contact with metal throughout the processing and afterwards.
*it can also be served like juice if more water is included.
*Remember, wine is wine, no substitute for it.

3. Water Apple / Bell fruit juice

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  1. Bell Fruit
  2. Sugar
  3. ½ spoon ginger juice

*Mix ½ glass of water with 1 glass Bell fruit (after removing the seeds from it).

*Add required sugar and ½ spoons ginger juice.

*Serve chilled

4. Passion fruit juice

Because of the sour taste most people avoids passion fruit. But it is highly nutritious and can be served as the best refresher drink, everyone like.
easter 2014 passion fruit juice
Easter Health Plan

  1. Passion Fruit
  2. Water 85% of glass
  3. Sugar - 2 Spoon

*Cut Passion fruit’s hard cover

*Take the flesh & juice including the skin from the hard covers

*Crush it in the Mixture after adding 2 spoon sugar and some water

*After 8 seconds, filter the whole combination to a glass

*Add cold water and serve chilled
You must have read these all recipes. Now it is all up to you. Join all these ingredients as per the instruction. Let your parents as well as guests be amazed by seeing you prepare & serve these dishes.

Always remember a heart touching smile and pleasing behavior is the best desserts you can avail before any treat. I am happy to share these recipe lists with you in this season as Easter recipe. So I hope you will share all this with your closer ones.

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